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Expert in Stereophotogrammetry
and 3D-metric Environment Digitizing

Our mission is to develop technological solutions dedicated to 3D-metric environment digitizing using technologies based on the CERN OHL license and other GNU GPL compatible licenses.

Our model and general approach predominantly strives for our Clients to reappropriate control of their data and further, their digital territory.

We also bring to our Clients:

  • Mastery of technological and informational patrimony
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Technological knowledge
  • Vector of innovation
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Openness and integrity

Human capital is prioritized thus allowing our employees to enhance their scientific mastery and recognition.

Expertise and Technological Patrimony

Founded in 2013, FOXEL is the result of intense technology watch and of several years of research and development. Today, it benefits from solid expertise in digital imaging, computer engineering, electronics and micro-mechanics.

The cumulative experience of its founders, recognized and supported by their peers, confers on FOXEL an expertise which enables it to meet the requirements of the highest level in terms of governance and strategy, coupled with exceptional technological know-how.

Our expertise and specialization in the fields of stereophotogrammetry, measurement and embedded systems places us at the heart of the great innovations of the present and the future.

In order to build key technological patrimony, we identify, conceptualize and integrate hardware and software components stemming from standardized and sustainable technologies. We are thus able to provide our Clients with high-value-added products and services.

Professional and Business Ethics

FOXEL has adopted the Kalix code of professional and business ethics. The Kalix code favors the recognition and fulfilment of the individual in the business enterprise and supports the principles of the contributive economy.


The company is also among the members of the 3D Ethics Charter (3DOK) for the promotion and use of ethical 3D.

3D Ethics Charter

International Know-How Network

FOXEL benefits from an international network, comprising foundations, university and academic partners, business enterprises and engineers, specializing in the research and development of new technological solutions based on the Creative Commons principle.

We benefit from a privileged partnership with the company Elphel, Inc., designer of digital imaging solutions specifically used in the Google Street View™ and RQ-4 Global Hawk™ projects.

We actively contribute to the development of Open Hardware and Free Software projects resulting from this technology and we ensure the engineering and marketing.

FOXEL support and participate annually in the Libre Software Meeting (RMLL / LSM). We regularly organize third places, conferences and round-table discussions in partnership with our Clients and members of our know-how network.