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Strategy Highlights

The technologies of today are more than ever the nerve centre of our global economy. Both social and economic aspects of governance and leadership lie at the heart of an important technological and informational patrimony. Complete control over this patrimony has become a crucial part in facing the challenges of today and the future.

FOXEL's business model and technological approach provide our Clients and Partners with a reliable solution for integrating tangible applications aimed at re-appropriating digital territory while ensuring sovereignty over their data and innovation processes.

The technologies deployed by FOXEL have set a new standard in 3D-metric reconstruction capacity, using dense point clouds composed of paired geolocalized pixels from several photographs of a given environment. This represents a concrete technological response to a variety of major challenges.

These same technologies offer countless application possibilities, ranging from territory management needs to training. Moreover, they have the potential for generating capital profit centres for FOXEL's Clients and Partners.

With growing international recognition, FOXEL enjoys the full support of all of the strategic, industrial and technological resources it needs to attain its objectives and to become the world leader in the 3D-metric digitizing of environments in the years ahead.

How to Join FOXEL's Innovating and International Big Game?

Discover here a proposed and adjustable National License model and Business Plan summary.

We look forward to meeting with you in order to discuss your project and ideas.

Why Partner with Us?

Because we are among the world leaders in the 3D-metric digitization of environments for the appropriation of digital territory.

  • Our impressive client portfolio bears witness to the endorsement of our technological expertise by major market players;
  • We provide specialized products and solutions designed for Big Data acquisition and the development of integrated information systems to assist governments and other major clients in spatial management (geomatics, geology, architecture, civil engineering, urban planning, archeology, police, army, forensic sciences, accidentology, disasters, industry, tourism, biology, environment);
  • Our cutting-edge environment digitization technologies have contributed to the success of projects such as Google Street View™ and RQ-4 Global Hawk™;
  • Our current technological patrimony - estimated to be worth several hundred million Swiss francs - is entirely based on contributive licenses, such as GNU GPL and CERN OHL, and includes the famous GNU/Linux and Elphel technologies, assuring transparent technology reappropriation;
  • Our network of international expertise is made up of developer communities, research centres, universities and polytechnics;
  • Our business is based on a consolidated and innovative economic model fully congruent with the 4P dynamics (People, Private, Public, Partnership) that are increasingly prevalent in governments' contributive development processes;
  • We promote a regional development model that supports the creation of employment opportunities and new professions in collaboration with existing training providers and local schools and universities;
  • We offer a market position, know-how, technologies, industrial suppliers and a network of founding members associated with the international image of Geneva and the strengths and neutrality of Switzerland;
  • It is an opportunity to join a responsible and competent team driven by a passion for technology.